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Voice Coach and Singing Teacher (ABSM GBSM)

It’s not what you say . It’s how you say it!!

Explore and achieve the full potential of your voice.

I am a voice coach and singing teacher based in Birmingham UK, working with professionals who need to optimize the use of their voice . This can include excessive daily physical demands, noisy environments, or presentation situations.

I have worked as a Voice Coach for 20 years and I have devised easy techniques to develop vocal understanding and confidence.

Much of my work consists of running Voice Care Workshops designed specifically to help classroom teachers maintain good vocal health in the classroom.

I teach individuals or in group lessons to both adults and young people in Birmingham to improve speech .

tel: 07984 873366

The “Word up” workshop

  • Learn how your voice works
  • Learn how to take care of your voice
  • Make the most of your voice

People often judge us by the sound of our voice and the clarity of our speech. Our speech can impact on our chances of success in all areas of our lives, business relationships, work opportunities, and even social occasions.

The way we speak gives the listener insight into how educated we are, our intelligence, and our personality. Speech is the way we communicate our views and persuade them that “we” are what they want.

Think about the way someone speaks whom you find difficult to listen to.

Things that make it difficult for someone to listen to a speaker.

  • Not speaking up
  • People lose interest if they strive to hear what you have to say.
  • Speaking too quickly or too slowly or without pauses.
  • Poor articulation
  • Accents of any kind are fine but you must make sure that words are clear and that your speech is not mumbled or muttered.
  • Giving succinct but full answers. Yes and no answers don’t give much information or insight into your thought process or beliefs.
  • A dull tone
  • Using a monotone voice (not varying the pitch) will give the impression of a lack of interest and bore the listener.

Think about a public figure that speaks well. How do they employ the ideas given above? Pace, pitch, pauses, tone, enthusiasm, positive messages.

Some of the tips for taking care of our voices?

  • Avoid shouting
  • Stay relaxed in your throat and neck
  • Don’t sing or talk if it feels uncomfortable
  • Close the gap. Speak face to face wherever possible
  • Take opportunities to rest your voice when you can. But especially when feeling vocal tiredness, strained or when unwell. Only speak when necessary and avoid speaking in noise places like pubs, over traffic etc
  • minimize background noise ( quieten noise groups by non vocal means, Clapping, whistles , tapping. turn off TV or radio
  • Take a short time to recover with proper rest rather than doing serious damage by pressing on
  • Avoid whispering if it is stressful for the larynx
  • Support your voice using good breath control
  • Articulate clearly to reduce the need to repeat yourself
  • Avoid excesses of anything particularly the ones that are notorious for causing vocal problems smoking, alcohol, dairy, spices.
  • Avoid very dry or dusty places
  • Seek medical help for Acid Reflux as it can burn the tissue in the throat
  • Drink water rather than clearing your throat
  • Avoid cough sweets. Plain steam inhalations are excellent for hydration and reducing inflammation throughout the respitory system or take a spoonful of honey. Drink warm lemon , honey and ginger
  • Use amplification if available

If your work involves intensive use of the voice, whether it be teaching, lecturing, call-centre work or performing you will understand how important it is to look after it well. Could you do your job without it?

Delegates can learn learn how to develop a more assertive voice or how to project the voice in large spaces. The exercises are designed to improve all aspects of a voice, including breathing and vocal projection.

Number of participants

The ideal number of participants per workshop is 6. This number allows for group work and individual development and advice. Workshops can be arranged for larger or smaller groups, if required.

The workshop detailed below is designed specifically as an introduction to your voice. Workshops can be tailored to suit an individual or a groups particular needs and extended to a half or full day where more in depth understanding is required. This workshop combines practical tips and exercises which will help to care for your voice and use it to its full potential.

  • Get the most from your voice
  • Learn how your voice works
  • Learn how to take care of your voice
  • Posture – how posture can help or hinder the sound you make
  • Breath support and relaxation techniques for stress relief
  • Flexibilty of Pitch, tone, speed, volume
  • Projection without vocal strain
  • articulation- understand how to improve your enunciation
  • Expression- back up what you say with more facial expression
  • Vocal warm-up take home a free daily warm-up CD

Cost: £65.00 per delegate.

Voice Training for Teachers

Elementary Workshop – 1.5 hrs

The effects of posture and relaxation

Understanding good breathing technique

Vocal Volume without vocal strain

Benefits of open Vowels and clear consonants

The effects of pitch on resonance and tone

Breath and vocal range

Freedom of the spine

Discussion on ways of communication without the use of the voice

Practical tips for good vocal health

Practice CD available

£100 – up to 20 Delegates

A quick poll of your staff will most likely reveal an additional host of stress and physical problems. Many of which can be relieved by techniques learnt in this course.

It’s worth taking a little bit of time out to think about protecting and getting the most from your voice.

Contact Louise Goode on 07984 873366 or email wordup@musicofnote.co.uk

  • Fact – 15% of voice clinics total case-loads are teachers.
  • This amounts to five times the national average for the population as a whole.
  • The voice is a teachers most valuable tool in communiation.
  • The workshop will look at your breathing, posture and tone to show you how to speak with greater confidence and clarity.
  • Building a pattern of quick and easy daily exercises that will strengthen and protect your voice.

Confidence building Vocal workshop. £20.00 pp

Get more from your voice when you sing or speak.
07984 873366

Gain more confidence when singing or speaking
Build your confidence with voice lessons

Your voice is a your most important means of communication.  Every day the way we sound affects our success in what we do.  Volume, tone, expression, pitch, our confidence levels, are all judged when we sing or speak.  A little bit of knowledge goes a long way in being able to use your voice more effectively on stage, at work, or just in life.  Simple breathing techniques and tips on projection, relaxation and posture improve your voice and confidence levels whatever your age or ability. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have.
After many years experience Sutton Coldfield based Louise Goode offers a friendly approach to voice lessons in groups (including recording workshops for children)
or individual tuition, leading to exams, auditions and stage performance, or just simply for personal development.

Learn some basics of good vocal production with a qualified and experienced teacher in a 2 hour group workshop
All ages, all abilities, special summer holiday kids recording workshops, book now!
Private one to one lessons also available

07984 873366

some recent feedback from students

Just back from the studio after recording the tracks you helped me with, which I’ve attached.  I’m really pleased and proud of the vocals on them and it’s thanks to your warm up and techniques – it’s the first time I haven’t asked the engineer to autotune my vocals! (Feel free to use that as a quote in your publicity!) I posted the tracks on Facebook and somebody complimented my vocals on them.

So yeah, just wanted to say thank you very much for your help, and I’ll certainly be recommending you if anybody is looking for help with their vocals, and I’ll be in touch if I feel I need anything further on mine.