In The Studio

Your voice is your most powerful tool for communication

By gaining confidence and with a bit of knowledge anyone can learn to usetheir voice more effectively to get more of what they want from the world.

This event is aimed at teams who need an opportunity to bond.
A strong bond can be developed by creativity and a common experience of fun and breaking down barriers.

With the help of professional singers the delegates learn some basics of voice projection in a short informative but fun session, they will choose a song to work on and as team divide the song into moments of glory to sing solo, duo, or in groups.

They will then go into a professional studio to record the song, take part in the the mixing process, and take home a personalised CD of the end result.

Singing improves concentration levels

The benefits of this course are :

  • Build confidence
  • Improve listening skills
  • Learn that with commitment and the right knowledge, great things can be achieved
  • Build a sense of corporate unity
  • Be challenged mentally
  • Gain a sense of achievement
  • A new confidence in using the voice
  • Physical benefits through posture, breathing and relaxation
  • Have some fun

Make it part of your Christmas, use it to launch new projects, ideal for saying goodbye to valued staff or just getting the team together in a new and exciting way.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Help team motivation
  • Build friendships
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Encourage creativity, exploration and experimentation
  • A sense of healthy competition
  • Work to deadlines under stress
  • Break down barriers
  • Improve team relationship
  • Highlight the organisation’s values
  • Develop a team spirit and mutual understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • Encourage positive attitudes to relationships
  • Have fun

  • (3 hours)
  • Coffee
  • Introduction
  • Lean to sing with fun exercises
  • Choose and learn the song
  • The group allocate parts to each singer
    – break –
  • Recording session
  • Playback
  • CD presentation
  • End
    Can be videoed at extra cost


Click on the links below for samples from one of our teambuilding days

Smooth Radio – Dont Stop Me Now


Some recent comments from happy delegates:

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the recording studio, in fact we can’t stop telling everyone what an amazing time we had with you. What was fabulous was the way you got us straight into it, with the warm up exercises, we were all able to lose our inhibitions quite quickly and then you let us work out who was going to sing which bits ourselves, which was such great team building and weren’t even aware that that’s what was happening!

And even better, whenever we want to remind ourselves what a good time we had or to lift our spirits we just play the CD – and it works!!!

Smooth Radio 2012